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  EBay Connector will not work
Posted by: Cresthaven - 12-12-2017, 06:15 PM - Forum: Selling - Replies (8)

I installed the eBay connector. it shows I am authorized. But when I click "Verify". It spins and spins with an orange wheel and says See the end of this message for details on invoking Just In Time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box and it will not permit me to post my Kronocard listings on eBay. What could be wrong?

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  Kronocard release 1.0.0
Posted by: KronoDev - 11-28-2017, 09:10 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (3)

Kronocard version 1.0.0
Major Release! Available December 4th, 2017

Changes in 1.0.0

[Image: categories.jpg]

New CATEGORIES: Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh, Poker, Benchwarmer, Movies-TV, History and many more!

  • We added 18 optional categories
  • You can create your own categories:
    • Manage autocomplete lists for your categories
    • eBay: Map your virtual category to ANY ebay categories
    • eBay: Choose the accent color for the description template
    • eBay: Map and rename Kronocard fields for other uses on eBay
  • NOTICE: Once this upgrade is installed, communications with our server and eBay servers are suspended until Kronocard main screen is showed.
  • EXAMPLE: We listed Star Wars Cards

New LISTS MANAGER! We give you access to those lists:
  • The 'Case Exeptions' list. Specify which words are not subject to our auto-caser algorithm and how they should be cased.
    • All Roman numbers are now automatically uppercased. Do not add them to the list.
  • For each categories:
    • The 'Year / Product / Set' list: used with our Product lookup function
    • The Products list: used to autocomplete text as you type in the product field.
    • The Teams list: used to autocomplete text as you type in the team field.
  • List of possible values for the 'Memorabilia' field.
  • List of possible values for the 'Player / Desc.' field.
  • List of possible values for the 'Set' field.
  • List of photos sizes (used in the photo import module).
  • List of possible values for the 'Special' field.
  • List of possible values for the 'Subtitle' field.
  • Lines of positive feedback for buyers
  • Keyword translations for the eBay title for Dutch, Spanish and French languages

Other changes:
  • Speed fix: Saving cards in the group edition window was sloooooow. It is now faster
  • eBay: You can now change the default text to use for the item condition.
  • eBay: Lowered the minimum delay of the scheduling from 1 minute to 0.1 minute (6 seconds).
  • eBay: The description templates now ignores the fields for which you omitted values.
  • Documentation Services: Better recovery in case of problems.

Friendly reminder:
Do backups frequently. See how

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  How to use Kronocard scanning module on one or more computer
Posted by: Kronozio Support - 09-24-2017, 08:14 PM - Forum: Scanning - No Replies

As you may already know, Kronocard at the moment can only work on one computer at a time. Eventually we may fix this restriction but for the moment we cannot tell you when.  If you are in an environment where it will be easier to have one computer for the database to manage everything and you have another computer somewhere else that you want to use to scan card it's possible. In fact you can have one Kronocard for the database and as many as you want to just scan cards.

The procedure looks complicated but it's not.  In fact you need to copy the scanned cards to the main computer BUT the .jpg images must be copied first THEN you copy .kgc files and most important Kronocard must be closed before copying the files.  But I provide I little programme to copy back the files in the main computer as talked later.

When you install Kronocard in fact you are installing two software, Kronocard and Kronoscan the scanning module that is separated from the main Kronocard.
On your main computer you can let everything like it is right now you don't need to change anything.

On the second computer if Kronocard has been already installed we suggest uninstalling it and start from scratch with this procedure.
If you already installed Kronocard and you uninstalled it please go to the folder: C:\ProgramData\  (By default Windows hide this folder so you need to show Windows hidden folder first. You can open the Windows file explorers and in the top white bar enter the command %ProgramData% and press enter.

[Image: programdata.png]

In the ProgramData folder you will find a folder called Kronozio, you can rename it to Kronozio-old

Now you are ready to start the procedure.

1. Download and install the latest version of Kronocard here: http://kronocard.com/en/download-kronocard/

2. When Kronocard is installed DON'T OPEN IT !! Smile

3. Now if you go back to the ProgramData folder as shown before you will find there is a new Kronozio folder.

4. Go in that folder and then in the Metacard folder.

5. In that folder you will find a file called Metacard.ini go ahead and open that file with Notepad.

6. At the top of the file you will have something like this:
Lng = EN

Under the Lng = EN add this:  Service = 0

So you will have something like this:

Lng = EN
Service = 0

7. When done save the file and close it.

8. Go into the folder:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Kronozio

9. In that folder you will find a file called KronoScan.exe  you can create a shortcut on your desktop this is the program you will launch every time you want to scan.

************ YOU ARE READY TO SCAN !!! ************

Now you have some cards scanned on your second computer how to move it correctly to the main computer?

Here is the procedure.

1. Go into the folder C:\ProgramData\Kronozio\Metacard at the same place where you found the Metacard.ini file before.

2. You will find a folder called ScannedCards.  In that folder you will find all scanned card images AND you will also find some file with the extension .kgc we need both.

3. Connect an external hard drive or a jump drive on that computer and in the root of the drive copy the folder ScannedCards.

4. Now that you have a folder called ScannedCards in the root you can now also copy in the root the file found in the zip file here: http://upload.kronozio.com/imagesforum/K...e-Scan.zip

5. Now in the root you have Kronozio-Merge-Scan.zip and the folder ScannedCards.

6. Unplug your drive and connect it to the main Kronocard computer.

7. With Kronocard closed you can double-click on the file Kronozio-Merge-Scan.bat in the root of the external drive.

8. You will now need to way for the copy to complete, if it's not working or if there is an error please contact us: //support@kronozio.com

9. If the copy worked correctly you can now open Kronocard and give Kronocard a couple of minutes to automatically import the new scanned cards.

If something not clear, let use know.

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  Auto Feed Scanner recommendations
Posted by: BOBSCARDZ - 06-02-2017, 12:58 AM - Forum: Scanning - Replies (1)

I'm really new to Kronozio.
Before I make a costly purchase, Which Auto Feed Scanner works the best with Kronozio Kronocard:

Epson DS510 or DS560
Fujitsu fi 6130, 6130z, 7160

Each of these are affordable for me, the Fujitsu 7160 is a tad out of price range.

OR are there others that also work well.

I have an excellents Epson flatbed BUT I'm looking for some speed.

Thanks, Bob

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  Switching from Fixed to Auction on eBay site
Posted by: jayseven525 - 05-27-2017, 01:09 AM - Forum: Selling - Replies (1)

One thing I've noticed is that when an item is listed on eBay as a fixed sale and you "send it to auction" on the eBay site the kronocard program doesn't pick that up that you switched the type of sale.  The card that has been switched will stay as a fixed item on eBay for sale in the kronocard program.  If the card sells the kronocard program doesn't pick up the sale and you have to "ship" the card manually but marking it as not for sale and just leave it as is.  

Not sure if this has been brought up before.  I did it awhile ago and just switched some cards to auction on eBay now by accident remembering afterward that it gets a little screwy when shipping cards if they sell.  

Just wanted to give you a heads up if anyone else was having troubles with this.


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  relisting unsold cards
Posted by: mlbdream - 05-11-2017, 06:38 PM - Forum: Selling - Replies (1)

If  have a card not sell on ebay, can it be relisted on ebay without having to use up one of my monthly insertions? 
On ebay it is very easy to relist a card, but I would then have the card for sale on ebay and on kronozio. 

Can there be a comments field where we can add a comment about a specific card in our collection.

For example I could move a card to Not for sale and have a comments field where I can list why it isn't for sale.


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  Question Regarding Max Cards Per Scan Session
Posted by: Netter - 05-02-2017, 07:59 PM - Forum: Scanning - Replies (2)

Hello there,

Was wondering if there was a way to raise the default number on the Max Quantity window that pops up before actually scanning cards?  By default, mine shows a value of 150, however, if I try and raise this number (say to 300 or 500) as soon as I hit the "Ok" button to begin scanning, I can see the value quickly change itself back to the 150 value that was there prior.

Growing frustrated with this behavior, I went to the Kronocard/Metadata configuration settings file:


and under the "[STORAGEBOX]" section, I see this entry:

BLCardsPerSection = 150

I have modified it here as well, save it, reopened it (the .ini file) to verify it saved my changes, and begun the scanning session again - The 150 value that was there before has come back (even before entering anything) and if I go back to the .ini file again, it has resorted back to the 150 max that was there before  **shakes fist in aggravation**

My question, therefore, is 150 the maximum allowed number?  I was hoping to make it higher, but am not sure if I am missing a different, more hidden, config file somewhere that can be tweaked to allow this.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!

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  Multiple machines. Single Database.
Posted by: mlbdream - 04-24-2017, 02:55 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (3)

Is it possible to use kronocard on multiple machines but be connected to the same database?

if it is can two machines be working in the DB at the same time?

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Information How the new cart is working
Posted by: KronoDev - 04-21-2017, 03:03 PM - Forum: Web Site - No Replies

As with the old web site buyers get one cart per seller. However, it is the only similarity.

Here are the main changes:

  • You make offers and manage them from your carts page
  • Until you click on the "Pay Now" button you do not commit to anything
  • You can remove items from your cart
  • Items are not removed from the inventory until you commit to pay
When you add items to your cart you can do 3 things:

  1. Make an offer
  2. Add the item to an invoice
  3. Remove the item from your cart
The following image show your carts page once you add 3 items from the same seller:

[Image: cartstart.jpg]

If you make an offer the item will be transffered to the "Offers" section of your cart with a "Pending Offer" status. You have 3 possible actions for items with a "Pending Offer" status:

  1. Withdraw your offer: the item will return to the "Interested" section
  2. Add to Invoice: the item will be transfered to the "Invoice" section with the original price, not the price you offered
  3. Remove the item from your cart
[Image: cartoffers2.jpg]

From there a lot of things can happen:
  • The seller can accept your offer
  • The seller can decline your offer
  • The seller can counter and offer you its best price
  • Your offer can expire
  • The seller best price can expire

If you choose to add an item to an invoice it will be transferred to the "Invoice" section of your cart. Every seller offers combined shipping. The shipping and handling cost as well as the total cost is displayed in real time.

[Image: cartinvoice.jpg]

You can now do three things:

  1. Pay your invoice
  2. Add more items to the invoice
  3. Remove items from the invoice
It is only when you decide to pay your invoice that the items are removed from the inventory! When you decide to pay your invoice you commit to pay the seller and failure to do so can result in bad feedback added to you account.

Until you click the "Pay Now" button you can add and remove items from the invoice. When you remove an item from the "Invoice" sections it returns to the "Interested" or "Offers" section.

At the moment you can make offers on all items. However:
  • In the future sellers will be able to specify from which price the accept offers
  • Sellers can define rules to automatically accept good offers and decline bad ones
  • Buyers are in not obligation to buy even if their offer was accepted
  • Many buyers can have the same item in their cart and make offers
  • Sellers can accept many offers from different potential buyers
  • It is the first buyer that commit to pay its invoice that get the item.

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  Suggestions (todo list)
Posted by: KronoDev - 04-12-2017, 10:00 PM - Forum: Web Site - No Replies

We have the chance to have users making a lot of suggestions. Your opinion is important as it drives enhancements to our website.

Here is our todo list for the website.

  1. DONE: Adding cards to the cart without leaving the current page/position
  2. DONE: Favorite sellers
  3. DONE: List of sellers
  4. DONE: Group cards in search results to avoid seeing 30 times the same base card
  5. DONE: Sellers activities
  6. DONE: Show shipping costs upfront
  7. Add support for other items like memorabilia
  8. Add better support for sets
  9. Enhance feedback (top priority)
  10. Enhance shipping options (top priority)
  11. Enhance Buyer/Seller communications (top priority)
  12. French version (top priority)
  13. Add a view counter for items
  14. DONE: Store page customization
  15. Wish List
  16. Popular searches
  17. Past Sales
  18. Show only cards (ie: Show not for sale cards)
  19. PARTIAL: Share on Facebook / Twitter
  20. Show qty of cards on top right cart icon
  21. Rebates and Sales
  22. Break down of search results
  23. Total dollar value of items per store
  24. Enhance 404 page
  25. Transform unsuccessful searches into want list
  26. Make wish list available to sellers
  27. Allow sellers to "feature" some of their cards
  28. Add all individual favorite sellers into the search store dropdown criteria
  29. Email validation fails too often. Add cell phone sms validation
  30. Add Seller's facebook / twitter / eBay links
  31. Set minimum price for allowing offers
  32. Reverse offers
  33. Add search filter for graded card
  34. Make Kronocard "Special" field searchable

I may have forget some. Please tell us what you would like to see and what are your priorities. I will update the list.

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