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  Tips for sellers
Posted by: KronoDev - 04-12-2017, 08:35 PM - Forum: Web Site - Replies (5)

How can I have my cards on the home pages of Kronozio.com ?

Kronozio home pages are:


They will be refreshed each day.

As you know each page has many categories. For each category (except featured) we select the most recently added items provided that:

  • They are not already on the page
  • They are not on eBay
By doing this:
  • The more cards you add to kronozio.com the more chances you have to get to the home pages
  • Sellers will see new cards on home pages each day

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Heart New website
Posted by: KronoDev - 04-12-2017, 06:30 PM - Forum: Web Site - No Replies

Today april 12th, 2017 we released the new version of our website https://kronozio.com/

We find it awesome. We hope you will enjoy it!

It's a completely new design for home pages, store pages, search pages, your carts and other features.
Since it is new there could be some glitches.
There will be a lot of enhancements in the coming months. 
We kept the old design for the registration process and the invoices.

[Image: newweb.gif]

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  Ebay feedback after shipping
Posted by: jayseven525 - 03-10-2017, 11:35 PM - Forum: Shipping - Replies (1)

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with feedback not being left after shipping a card in Kronocard?

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  Supported Autofeeder scanners and why yours is not.
Posted by: KronoDev - 02-07-2017, 09:16 PM - Forum: Scanning - Replies (3)

APRIL 2017 UPDATE: The DS-510 and DS-560 seems to be discontinued. Kronozio is now evaluating its options to find an affordable replacement. Support will continue. For potential buyers: Beware, the DS-510 used to cost about $350 but, with the lack of availability, the price is now way up! Do not buy at those inflated prices.

Kronozio support all flatbed scanners that have a Twain 32 bits driver for Windows.

But, Kronozio support only those autofeeder scanners:

  • Fujistu fi-6130z
  • Fujitsu fi-7160 familly
  • Epson DS-510, DS-560
Why aren't we supporting more autofeeders?

Simple: Autofeeders are using non-standard Twain commands to operate. Furthermore, those twains commands are mostly undocumented.

To support an autofeeder scanner we have to:
  • Purchase it (they are much more expensive than flatbeds).
  • Test the scanners to assess their performances and verify it is able to crop many types of cards.
  • Reverse engineer the non-standard and undocumented commands to integrate them in our software.
Those tasks costs a lot of time and money, much more than the cost of a fujitsu fi-7160 !

Ok, you already invested in your autofeedeer scanner and you got it to work with another sotware (lucky you) that creates nice font and back images. What can you do?
Easy: you can use our Photo import module. Scan at 300 dpi and save in .jpeg then import. see: http://blog.kronozio.com/kronocard-photo-import/

We recommend Fujitsu fi-7160

The reason is that it is the best scanner we support. If you intend to scan a lot of cards it is worth the money.

The other auto feeder scanners we support are:
  • Fujitsu fi-6130z (discontinued but can be found used, does not add a border arround cards. Some users have the fi-6130 without the "z" but it seems to have problems cropping cards correctly.)
  • Epson DS-510 and DS-560
The Epson DS-510 cost the one third of the fi-7160. However the money you save will be lost fighting with the scanner:
It is less good to grab cards, It is less good to crop cards, It will create some stretched images.
However, it is still faster than a flatbed. If you are not sure you want to process dozens of thousands cards then it is a good choice.

Best: fi-7160
Good: DS-510, DS-560

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  image upload
Posted by: RazorTusk - 02-01-2017, 11:44 PM - Forum: Scanning - Replies (1)

downloaded the program and it looks great. The issue I am having is that I cannot find where I can upload images I have already scanned.  I have many images in my computer. Could re-scan but would rather upload.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the most recent program update.

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Information Support: How to follow documentation requests
Posted by: KronoDev - 01-26-2017, 04:12 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

First you have to enable the Kronozio Documentation Service Screen. It is hidden by default to avoid cluttering Kronocard user interface for those that are not using that time saving feature. Here is how to enable it:

[Image: enable_kds_screen.png]

Once enabled, you will have to restart Kronocard.
Its left vertical buttons bar will have a new "Magic Wand" icon.
Click on it and you will have access to the Kronozio Documentation Services screen: Select dates in the upper right corner and hit the "refresh" button. You will get the status of your documentation groups:

[Image: kds_screen.png]

The Status colunm is important. Once your cards are documented and your local database is updated the status will be "COMPLETED".

QUESTION: What to do when my documentation request is not processed?

We aim to document cards within 2 to 5 work days. If after 5 days you did not got your documentation then, contact us.
We may ask you to resubmit your request. Here is how to do it:
1) Select the row of the group you want to resubmit (only one row at a time)
2) With your mouse, right-click on the "Kronozio Documentation Services" text: a popup menu will show you 2 choices. Select the first-one: "Re-send Cards data".
Please Contact us before doing so!

[Image: resubmit_kds.png]

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Star Nouvelle version
Posted by: KronoDev - 12-01-2016, 08:31 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (6)


Version 0 9 37

Version précédente:

Version 0.9.36

Correctif pour certains scanners Cette version corrige des problèmes avec certains scanners.
Si vous n'avez pas de problème avec votre scanner et que vous utilisez la version 0.9.34 ou supérieure, vous n'avez pas besoin d'appliquer la mise à jour.
Si vous avez la version 0.9.33 ou moins alors installez la nouvelle version pour profiter des Promotions et des dernières améliorations.

Détails du problème et changement appliqué

  • La librairie Twain (utilisé pour parler aux scanners) est disponible en deux saveurs: la version 1.9 et la version 2 des protocoles. Certains ordinateurs n'ont que la version 1.9 installée, d'autres n'ont que la version 2 et d'autres ont les deux.
  • La plupart des scanners peuvent fonctionner avec les deux versions, mais certains anciens scanneurs ne fonctionnent qu'avec la version 1.9.
  • Les scanners à alimentation automatique ont besoin de la version 2.
  • Les premières versions de Kronoscan utilisaient la version 2 par défaut si elle était installée mais cela a causé des problèmes avec certains scanners
  • Les versions suivantes intérrogeaient le scanner pour connaître la version prévue et utilisait automatiquement la version 1.9 si requis et disponible.
  • Malheureusement certains scanners n'ont pas le même nom sous chacune des versions ce qui pouvait créer un message "No Scanner"
  • Nous suspectons de plus que certains scanners originalement conçus pour la version 1.9 fonctionnent mieux avec la version 2.
Nous avons ajouté une case à cocher "Utiliser l'ancien protocol Twain 1.9" dans la fenêtre principale de Kronoscan. Elle sera désactivé par défaut à moins que vous ayez seulement la version 1.9 d'installée. Si vous avez les deux versions, vous pourrez cliquer dessus manuellement. En général, vous ne devriez pas avoir à cliquer dessus à moins que vous ayez un vieux scanner qui ne fonctionne pas avec la version 2.

Merci à Lance qui nous a mis sur une piste pour résoudre le problème.

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Star Changes in Previous Releases
Posted by: KronoDev - 12-01-2016, 08:26 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (4)


Previous release:

Version 0.9.36

SCANNER FIX This version fixes problems with some scanners.

If you do not have a problem with your scanner and are using version 0.9.34 or higher then you do not need to apply the update.
If you have version 0.9.33 or less then upgrade to take advantage of our Promotions and latest enhancements.

Details of the problem and the fix:

  • Twain Library (used to talk to scanners) comes in two flavors: version 1.9 and version 2 protocols. Some computers have only version 1.9 installed, other have only version 2 and other have both.
  • Most scanners can work with both version but some old scanners only work with version 1.9.
  • Autofeeders need version 2 to fully work.
  • Initial releases of Kronocard where using the version 2 by default if it was installed on your computer but, this created problems with some old scanners.
  • We later changed our approach to ask the scanner which version it supports and based on the answer we could switch automatically to version 1.9.
  • However some scanners do not have the same name under each version and that could lead to a "No Scanner" problem.
  • We also suspect that doing so could have caused problems with scanners that were working better with the newer version 2 library even if they where originally released with a version 1.9

What we have done is added a check box "Use old Twain 1.9 protocol" in Kronoscan main window. It will be unchecked by default unless you only have the version 1.9 installed. If you have both versions, you will be able to manually click it. In general you should not have to click it unless you have an old scanner that is not working with version 2.

The Kronozio team would like to thank Lance who gave us the information to find the problem.

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  Group Edition Window Power Tips
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-21-2016, 07:59 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (4)

Oh! I just love the Group Edition Window. There is so much more than you think.
In this thread, I will post some tricks and tips and this first post will serve as an index with links to the actual tips.
Tips without links are existing feature that I did not explain yet.

  1. Multiple rotation and rotation shortcuts
  2. Right-click menu in each column
  3. Double click column header to sort ascending then descending
  4. See your listing on kronozio.com
  5. Search for your card in eBay
  6. Go to the location of your card instantly
  7. Edit a cell without having to double-click it and other keyboard tips
  8. Multiple level Undo-Redo
  9. Smart Copy + Paste
  10. Auto-completion tips
  11. Copy to Excel, Paste From Excel

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Lightbulb Multiple card select in Locations Screen
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-21-2016, 06:38 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (1)

The "Locations Screen" allows you to select more than one card at a time.

To select only one specific card you click on it with the mouse.
If you want to delete or move many carts at the same time use one of those techniques:

1) If the cards are following each other click the first card then press the [Shift] key of your keyboard and click the last card while the [Shift] Key is still down:

[Image: shiftclick.gif]

2) To select specific cards press and maintain the [Ctrl] key of your keyboard down while you click on the cards you want. If you click twice on the same card it will toogle its selection state:

[Image: controlclick.gif]

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