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Lightbulb Deleting bad scans in autofeeder screen
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-21-2016, 06:25 PM - Forum: Scanning - No Replies

Kronoscan can detect some bad scans when using an auto feeder scanner. Usually, it is about stretched images. Kronocard simply detects that some images have a bad size.

It will highlight those cards with a red line and add a checkbox that allows you to remove those images before saving. 

In upper right corner of the screen, you get a "check" icon that will show only the bad images. It is then quick to select and delete images.

[Image: deletebadscans.gif]

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  Version 0.9.31
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-20-2016, 02:21 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Corrigé: Titre eBay: Espace manquant après l'année pour les cartes avec un produit et une série.

Changements (0.9.30)

  • Nouveau: Titres des listings sur eBay. Vous pouvez maintenant choisir l'ordre des champs à partir des options (gros bouton "engrenage"). Les champs peuvent être exclus et une option pour avoir le titre en lettres majuscules est disponible.
  • Nouveau: Planification de listings sur eBay. restrictions importantes
  • Corrigé: Possibilité d'un message d'erreur de mémoire insuffisante avec un scanner fi-7160. détails
  • Modifié: Si vous utilisez les QR Codes lorsque vous scannez vous devez activer l'option dans Kronocard (gros bouton "engrenage")
  • Modifié: Lors du scan: réduction du nombre maximal de carte par emplacement à 150.
  • Corrigé: Un texte de plus de 16 caractères dans le champ "Numéro de série" empêchait la sauvegarde des cartes. Merci à Paul.

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  Release 0.9.32
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-20-2016, 02:20 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Changes in 0.9.32:

  • Fixed: Titles of eBay listings: Problem with Rookie and Autograph. Thanks Gary.
Changes in 0.9.31:
  • Fixed: Titles of eBay listings: Missing space after the year for cards with both a product and a set. Thanks Eric.
Changes in 0.9.30:
  • New: Titles of eBay listings. You can now select the order of the fields from the options (big "gear" button). You can also remove fields and decide to use uppercase chars for the title.
  • New: Scheduled listings for eBay. importants restrictions
  • Fixed: "Out of Memory" error with a fi-7160 scanner on some computers. details. Thanks Bruce.
  • Changed: If you use QR Codes when scanning then you must enable that option from Kronocard (big "gear" button)
  • Changed: When scanning: Reduction of the max number of cards per location to 150
  • Fixed: A text longer than 16 characters in Serial Number field would prevent cards from saving. Thanks Paul.

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Information eBay Scheduled Listing
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-19-2016, 06:08 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Many people ask us for scheduled listings so we did it in upcoming release 0.9.30. It is available for users of paid eBay connector plans (starting at $ 9.95 a month).

[Image: eb_save_sch.png]

The picture above shows a new “clock” icon. Select the rows of the cards you want to schedule and click it. Selected start date will appear in the Start column with a light blue background.

You have to know that the way we did the scheduling is far from perfect. Let me explain why and show you what we did.

The best way to create scheduled eBay listings is to use the build-in eBay solution: simply specify a start date when you create the listing. Alas we cannot do so because as you know eBay listings also exists on kronozio.com and that would need to synchronize both for the future date of the listings.

At the moment we are unable to modify the server code of kronozio.com because we are in the process of a complete restructuring of the look and functionalities of kronozio.com (we hope to create a new kronozio.com version that will blow you away the way Kronocard did).

So for the moment what we did is we changed the code of Kronocard in a way that he will wait for the specified start date before creating the listing. Sound simple? Not so much. Kronocard runs on your computer: if you close it at the time of the listing start then it won’t be able to create the listing. You can still close Kronocard because server communication is handled by a Kronoserv.exe a background task that runs even if Kronocard.exe is closed and even if you are not logged in windows) but your computer must be open.

Ok, let’s say you are okay with that and you plan to leave your computer open at listing time so the listing can be created. What happens if you forgot to open it? Answer: Listings will be created next time you open it if the current time is greater than the listing start time.
Please note that we will fix this and use the eBay built-in feature in the weeks following the launch of the new kronozio.com web site. In Kronocard the visual functionality will be similar.

The next screen shows your schedule choice:

[Image: eb_scheduler.png]

The date can be up to one week in the future and you can add a delay between each listing.

You can see your scheduled listings in the eBay listings screen. You will get a “sch” code after the date in the “eBay Start YMD” column. Once the eBay listing is create that date will be replaced by the real eBay start date of the listing.

[Image: eb_list_sch.png]

You can ask yourself why we did it that way now instead of waiting for the new website to be ready ? Well the new website will not ready before a few months and we need this feature. As you know we eat our own dog food at kronozio and our One Stop Sport Cards store on eBay is doing great mostly just after we create new listings. So instead of adding thousands of listing a few times a month we will try to add hundreds many time a month. We suspect buyers monitor newly added cards and/or eBay favors new listings…

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  Card Quantity
Posted by: the_card_devil - 09-26-2016, 10:08 PM - Forum: Documenting - Replies (3)

Hey everyone!  Glad to be aboard.  loving the software.  Quick question though, and its probably right in front of me, but how do I adjust for quantity.  Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work

Bill Terwey
The Card Devil

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  Out of Memory error with Fujitsu Paperstream Driver version 1.40
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-23-2016, 02:00 PM - Forum: Scanning - Replies (2)


There seems to be a major bug with Paperstream IP driver version 1.40 for Fujitsu autofeeder scanner.

A customer of us reports "Out of memory" errors when scanning with a Fujitsu fi-7160: Memory usage just grows and grows until Kronoscan reports an error and stops working.

We did not experience that problem so we did an investigation and found differences with our setup as well as a workaround:

On our test computer we use that version of the driver:

  •   Version:         1.21
  •   Language:        IntEnglish
  •   Country:         Usa
  •   Info:   Apr 15 2015
Our client had the newer version:
  •   Version:         1.40
  •   Language:        IntEnglish
  •   Country:         Usa
  •   Info:   Apr 26 2016
Note: We log this information in a file on your computer so we can do diagnostics.

We have a solution!

Just change the paper size. By default it is the "MaxSize (Scanner max size)" that is selected in the scan area. If you select any other paper size (like USLetter as shown in next picture) then you will not have the "Out of memory" error.

[Image: papersize.png]

We will report this problem to Fujitsu and hope they fix it in their next driver release. In the mean time, if you have problems with your scanner contact us and if you have a Fujitsu Paperstream Driver and experience the "Out of memory" error then select a Paper Size other than MaxSize.

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  Version 0.9.29
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-15-2016, 07:50 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Kronocard version 0.9.29
Disponible pour téléchargement


  • Nouveau: Possibilité de marquer les factures comme expédiées sans utiliser le Shipper.
  • Corrigé: Les cartes vendues sur eBay et marquées expédiées à partir du Shipper n'étaient pas retirées de Kronozio.com
  • Nouveau: Par défaut l'évaluation des acheteurs de kronozio.com est de 5 étoiles. C'est donc encore plus rapide de marquer vos cartes comme expédiées.
  • Corrigé: Changer de scanner peut produire des résultats non-souhaités lorsque ces derniers utilisent une version différente du protocole de communication Twain.
  • Nouveau: Kronozio.com accepte maintenant le champ "équipe". Il est indexé par le moteur de recherche. Si vous souhaitez l'utiliser vous devez installer cette nouvelle version de Kronocard.
  • Nouveau: Le Shipper combine automatiquement les commandes multiples du même acheteur. Elles partagerons le même numéro de plaque d'expédition et produiront un seul bordereau. Les factures restent inchangées.

Vous avez vendu une carte sur eBay?
SVP marquez la comme expédiée de sorte qu'elle soit retirée de kronozio.com.
Dans l'écran d'expédition nous avons ajouté un bouton (petit camion dans le coin supérieur droit) pour marquer les factures sélectionnées comme étant expédieés dans utiliser le Shipper. C'est rapide et pratique. L'écran d'expédition vous permet de sélectionner plusieurs factures et marquer leur cartes expédiées en deux clicks.

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  Release 0.9.29
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-15-2016, 07:49 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Kronocard version 0.9.29
Now available for download


  • New: Mark invoices as shipped without using the Shipper
  • Bug Fix: Cards sold on eBay were not removed from kronozio.com when marked as shipped from the Shipper
  • New: Default Rating for buyers on kronozio.com is 5 stars so it is now even faster to mark cards as shipped and rate buyers.
  • Bug Fix: Changing the scanners may produce unexpected results if you are using different versions of the Twain protocols (scanner communication).
  • New: Kronozio.com now accepts the "Team" field. It is indexed by the search engine. If you intend to use it, then you must install this new Kronocard version.
  • New: The Shipper now automatically combines orders from the same buyer. They will share the same shipping plate number. Printing the packing slip will combine orders too. Invoices are unchanged.

You sold a card on eBay?
Please mark it as shipped in Kronocard so it is removed from kronozio.com.
In the Shipping screen we added a button (small truck icon in upper right corner) to mark selected invoices as shipped without using the Shipper. This is quick and convenient. The shipping screen allows you to select many invoices at the same time to mark all their cards as shipped in two clicks.

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  Version 0.9.28
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-07-2016, 01:55 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies


  • Nouveau: Possibilité de spécifier l'équipe. Optionnel. Sera bientôt supporté par Kronozio.com: surveillez notre blog pour l'annonce officielle
  • Nouveau: Possibilité de modifier l'adresse des factures
  • Nouveau: Mauvais découpage des cartes avec votre numériseur à plat? Vous pouvez maintenant envoyer les images brutes du numériseur sur notre serveur pour que nous effectuons une analyse et améliorons notre algorithme.
  • Le développement de Kronocard sera au ralenti pour les prochains mois.
  • Nous allons concentrer nos efforts à améliorer l'expérience des acheteurs sur Kronozio.com

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  Release 0.9.28
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-07-2016, 01:54 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies


  • New: You can now specify the team. It is optional. Ready for eBay, will be supported soon on kronozio.com. Watch our blog for the official announcement.
  • New: You can now change customer address in the invoices.
  • New: Bad cropping of your cards with your flatbed scanner? You can now send the raw scanner images to our server. We will analyze them and enhance our cropping algorithm.
  • The development of Kronocard will slow down in the comming months.
  • We will put our efforts toward improving buyer experience on Kronozio.com

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