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Star Kronoscan with a flatbed scanner
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-02-2015, 01:16 AM - Forum: Scanning - No Replies

I'm super proud that people started to use Kronocard and the scanner’s software Kronoscan. Thanks guys Smile

But, for flatbed scanners it seems we forgot to tell you the basics (our bad)

1) You must leave a space (about 1/8" or 1/4" is enough) between cards and between the borders of the scanner.

Why ? Because Kronoscan uses those spaces to automatically crop and straighten your cards. Furthermore a space around your cards allow potential buyers to see the edges of your cards.
If you do not leave a space then you will have to manually crop your cards which is not fast.

We spend numerous days making sure Kronoscan can crop cards of different colors on different backgrounds colors and I think we succeeded.

Ok, enough with words: here is an example of how to place cards on your scanner:

[Image: scansample1.jpg]

You could try with 9 cards at once but you will loose time making sure there is a space betwwen all cards.

2) You must scan cards of the same size toghether. Do not mix minis with regulars with talls.

Why ? In order to achieve a high detection rate we had to use statistics in our algorithm: the most frequent size wins.

Yes you can scan small cards: just scan them grouped

[Image: scansample2.jpg]

Select USLetter or A4Letter paper size! A bug actually prevents our cropping algorithm to work if selected paper size is small (fixed in release 0.9.14).

Enjoy Smile

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  Action Buttons
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-01-2015, 05:30 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

[Image: setup.png] Setup
Used for your online store setup and to access tools and options (big gear in upper right corner when you enter setup screen)

[Image: scan.png] Scans
Used to manage your scan groups and do new scans

[Image: search.png] Search 
Used to search for cards

[Image: box.png] Boxes
Used to manage your cards locations and see their content
Other use: Change the location of cards

[Image: message.png] Messages
Review communication messages sent by Kronozio Server relative to your cards

[Image: money.png] Offers and Unpaid Invoices
Accept / Decline offers, manage invoices not paid by using Paypal

[Image: ship.png] Shipping
Manage paid invoices that you have to ship
Goto eBay to edit Shipping Discount Profiles in eBay connector

[Image: help.png] Help
Get help

[Image: edit.png] Edit
Edit selected card

[Image: table.png] Edit Group
Edit a group of card in a spreadsheet. The group can be a search result, a group of scanned cards or cards of a common location.

[Image: magic.png] Kronozio Documentation Services (KDS)
Ask KDS to document your cards. Cards that are in DOC status and have their year/product fields are eligible to this service.
Other Use: Manage the group of cards for which you required the Kronozio Documentation Services.

[Image: buy.png] Put for Sale
Put all cards that are in RDY status and have a sale price defined for sale in your web store.

[Image: auction.png] Put in Auction
Put all cards that are in RDY status and have an auction price defined for auction in your web store.

[Image: trash.png] Delete
Delete card
Delete communication message

[Image: invoice.png] Invoice
Review / Manage an invoice

[Image: buyer.png] Buyer
Review / Manage a buyer

[Image: shipper.png]Shipper 
Ship multiple invoices at the same time using the shipper and the shipping plate

[Image: book.png]
Invoice Archives / Scan Album (binder pages)
In Kronocard: Manage all invoices
In Kronoscan: Activate the Album mode for correctly matching front and back images of scans of binder pages.

[Image: print.png] Print
Print invoices, print packing slips

[Image: label.png] Labels
Help you to print shipping labels

[Image: rotleft.png]  [Image: rotright.png] Rotate 90 degrees
Rotate image(s) 90 degrees left
Rotate image(s) 90 degrees right
[Image: refresh.png] Rotate 180 degrees / Refresh
Rotate images(s) 180 degrees
Other use : Refresh

[Image: undo.png]   [Image: redo.png] Undo / Redo
Multiple undo / redo available in Edit Group window

[Image: crop.png]  Adjust Cropping
Manual cropping for the rare cases where our software fails to automatically crop your cards

[Image: expand.png]  Expand / unexpand 
[Image: accept.png]  [Image: confirm.png]  Save / Accept / Confirm

[Image: cancel.png]  Close / Cancel

[Image: info.png]  Information
Common information of the cards you are actually scanning

[Image: add.png]  [Image: remove.png] Add / Remove
Add / Remove a card in the scanning interface
Add / Remove a note to an invoice
Add / Remove a shipping service in eBay connector

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  Bugs bugs bugs
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-01-2015, 03:47 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (6)

BUG FIXED in release 0.9.4
Background transfert of card data to Kronozio web site is not automatically started when the store setup is completed.

Present in all Kronocard versions up to 0.9.3

What can you do ? Simply close Kronocard and open it again : the transfert of data will start.

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Star Getting Started
Posted by: KronoDev - 10-01-2015, 03:21 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

1) Create an account on https://www.kronozio.com/register  see Video
Write down your account email and password: you will need them at step 5)

IMPORTANT: Once your account is created goto https://www.kronozio.com/profile and enter your address ! This will determine the shipping origin and correctly show the correct shipping and handling costs to your potential buyers.

2) Download Kronocard from http://support.kronozio.com/

3) Install Kronocard on your computer.  See Video

4) Open Kronocard. Not much to see...    2 buttons in upper left corner and one in lower right corner :

[Image: firstscreen.jpg]

Well, other buttons will show up as needed Smile

5) Click "It's a Go!" button and enter your account email and password... 
There: you already have a new button : [Image: btn_scan.jpg]

6) If you want to try the scanner software now with a flatbed scanner the read this tutorial : 

IMPORTANT: When scanning with a flatbed scanner leave a small space (about 1/4" is enough) between cards and between the scanner scan area border. This space is required to automatically crop and straighten the cards. Kronoscan will also use and keep a space around the cards so your potential buyers can see the card edges.  Details here.

Select USLetter or A4Letter paper size! A bug actually prevents our cropping algorithm to work if selected paper size is small. (fixed in release 0.9.14)

To know more about our flatbed user interface click here

Once you have scanned cards you will get new buttons to manage your cards.

If you have an autofeeder scanner compatible with kronoscan you may want to see this video
If you want to know which autofeeder scanners are compatible with our system click here

IMPORTANT: Never start the scanning process by clicking a "scan button" on your scanner because that will start windows default scanning application instead of Kronoscan. You must initiate the scanning with the "camera" button in Kronoscan software.

7) If you want to define your store then see this Video
There are 6 steps : 
  1. Choose a store name ( your will have your own url)
  2. Select a store banner
  3. Define your shipping rules ( dont forget to enter your address at https://www.kronozio.com/profile )
  4. Define which payments  you will accept. Paypal is mandatory
  5. Define your auto answer rules
  6. Define your return policy rules
Once you have completed your store setup you will get new buttons to manage your sales.

If you want to know more about available buttons in Kronocard see : Action Buttons

8) You have to know about the card life cycle in Kronocard 
Kronocard uses the status field to manage the cards life cycle. Here are the possible statuses used by Kronocard:

[Image: status_doc.jpg]
The card is in documenting state. This is the initial status once a card has been scanned. Next possible status are ASK or RDY.

[Image: status_ask.jpg]
User asked Kronozio Documentation Services to document this card. When in this status a card cannot be modified until it returns documented from Kronozio Documentation Services.
[Image: status_rdy.jpg]
Card is documented and thus ready for sale (or auction).

[Image: status_buy.jpg]
Card is on sale in your web store. Buyers can make you offers. While in this status you can modify the card at any time.

[Image: status_auc.jpg]
Card is in auction in your web store. Buyers can bid. While in this status you can modify the card at any time until there is a first bid or there is less than 24 hours left to the auction.

[Image: cart.png]
Card has been bought online, it is in a cart. Once the bill is paid your will have to ship the card. (if unpaid after X days then the card will go back to RDY status). You cannot modify cards in SLD status. (Note. Up to Kronocard v0.9.11 a dollar bill icon was used to represent a SLD card).

[Image: status_shp.jpg]
You have shipped the card: It is no longer in your inventory. You can also use this status if you sold the card offline.

[Image: status_not.jpg]
Whatever the reason : you do not want to sold this card.

Have a look a this  video to learn how to quickly document your cards

More information:
The meaning of buttons in Kronocard: http://forum.kronozio.com/showthread.php?tid=11
All there is to know about Kronoscan flatbed user interface: http://forum.kronozio.com/showthread.php?tid=15
Other documents: http://support.kronozio.com/documents/

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  Updating Kronocard
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-24-2015, 07:44 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

You won't lose data when upgrading Kronocard software Smile

Just go to http://support.kronozio.com/ and download and execute the new version.

One of the program of Kronocard is a service named "Kronozio Communication Services". This program transfer your card data between your computer and Kronozio's server.
This service runs in background even if Kronocard main window is closed.

FIXED : You should not see the following:
 So while updating you may see this message:

[Image: updateKronocard.jpg]

Experts can close this service but it is not necessary : you can click on "Continue"

Windows will want to restart your computer but again it is not necessary :

[Image: restart.jpg]

Just click "No".

That's it. You can now lauch Kronocard and enjoy the new features Sleepy

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  Mettre à jour Kronocard
Posted by: KronoDev - 09-24-2015, 07:36 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Vous ne perdez aucune donnée lorsque vous mettez Kronocard à jour Smile 

Un des exécutables de Kronocard est un service nommé "Kronozio Communication Services" il se charge du transfert de données entre votre ordinateur et le serveur http://www.kronozio.com. Or, ce service fonctionne en arrière plan même si l'application principale Kronocard est fermée.

CORRIGÉ: Vous de devriez pas voir ces fenêtres:
Vous verrez donc ce message:

[Image: updateKronocard.jpg]

Les experts peuvent aller fermer le service mais ce n'est pas obligatoire: vous pouvez cliquer sur le bouton pour "Continuer".

Windows voudra redémarrer votre ordinateur mais ce n'est pas nécessaire :

[Image: restart.jpg]

Cliquez sur "Non".

Voilà! vous pouvez relancer Kronocard et profiter des nouvelles fonctions Sleepy

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Posted by: KronoDev - 09-21-2015, 09:13 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (1)

En date du 24 septembre 2015 à 15H (Est) nous avons rendu disponible la version

Cette version est signée par un certificat digital : les navigateurs web ne devraient plus vous afficher d'avertissement lors du téléchargement de l'application.

Cependant, sous Windows 8 et Windows 10 le fonctionalité "Smart Screen" de Microsoft pourrait vous causer des souçis car il s'agit d'une nouvelle application qui n'a pas encore de réputation.
Si cela vous arrive vous devez cliquer sur "Informations complémentaires" et ensuite cliquer sur "Exécuter quand même".
Pour en savoir plus sur la réputation des logiciels: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2011/...ation.aspx

Changements dans la version


  • Améliorations à la fenêtre de recherche: Ajout d'une options "Meilleurs résultats" qui n'affiche que les cartes qui correspondent à tous les mots utilisés. Ajout d'un filtre pour les catégories de sport.
  • Table d'édition des cartes: Nous avons déplacé les colonnes relatives à l'état et au prix à côté de la colonne du nom du joueur. Il sera ainsi plus facile d'entrer les prix des cartes. De même la ligne active a une couleur de fond différente.
  • Dans la fenêtre d'édition des cartes un nouveau bouton vous permet de voir votre carte dans votre magasin sur http://www.kronozio.com
Pour être prévenus lorsque cette version sera disponible abonnez-vous à notre fil de nouvelles.

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Posted by: KronoDev - 09-21-2015, 09:08 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (3)

As on September 24th 2015 (15:30 PM Eastern time) the version has been released. Smile

We signed the installation and the application with a digital certificate so browsers should no longer complain.

But, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Smart Screen Feature may bother you when you try to run it. This is because it is a new program with no reputation.
If it happens the you have click "more info" and then click "Run Anyway" button.

Learn more about software reputation here:

Upcomming changes for release


  • Enhanced search windows: We added a "Best Match Results" Check box that make sure all your search words must exists. We also added a filter on the sport category.
  • In the card table edition window we moved the status and price colunms so they are adjacent to the player name colunm. This will made entering prices easier. Also the active line will have a different color background.
  • A new button in the card edition window allow you to see your card on your store at http://www.kronozio.com

If you want to be notified when the new version is release then suscribe to our newsletter.

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  Suggestion de fonctionnalités
Posted by: Kronozio Support - 09-18-2015, 09:13 PM - Forum: KronoCard - No Replies

Bonjour! Dans ce sujet nous aimerions avoir vos suggestions de fonctionnalités futures pour KronoCard.

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  Feature Wishlist
Posted by: Kronozio Support - 09-18-2015, 09:11 PM - Forum: KronoCard - Replies (7)

Hello!  This is a thread for the one that have good idea of new feature for Kronocard.

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