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Auto Feed Scanner recommendations - BOBSCARDZ - 06-02-2017

I'm really new to Kronozio.
Before I make a costly purchase, Which Auto Feed Scanner works the best with Kronozio Kronocard:

Epson DS510 or DS560
Fujitsu fi 6130, 6130z, 7160

Each of these are affordable for me, the Fujitsu 7160 is a tad out of price range.

OR are there others that also work well.

I have an excellents Epson flatbed BUT I'm looking for some speed.

Thanks, Bob

RE: Auto Feed Scanner recommendations - KronoDev - 06-13-2017

Fujitsu fi-7160 is the best choice you can make with Kronocard: Fast, crisp colors, near perfect cropping.
Fujitsu fi-6130 is not supported (it works but produces bad results)
Fujitsu fi-6130z is supported but there will be no border arround cards.
Epson DS510 / DS560 are supported. About half the speed of fi-7160, crisp colors, average cropping, can produce stretched images.

1st choice: Fujitsu fi-7160
2ns choice: Epson DS510 / DS560

We should evaluate other Autofeeder scanners this autunm