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Card Quantity - the_card_devil - 09-26-2016

Hey everyone!  Glad to be aboard.  loving the software.  Quick question though, and its probably right in front of me, but how do I adjust for quantity.  Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work

Bill Terwey
The Card Devil

RE: Card Quantity - KronoDev - 09-27-2016

Hi Bill

Thanks for the comment, we love Kronocard Too Smile 

As for your question the answer may destabilize some people: There is no quantity field.

We think that every card is unique and buyers should see exactly what they pay for. Centering, corners, edges ...

This needs more work but we optimized everything to make it fast: We support auto feeder scanners and we provide a tool that ease entering information.  We could even do part of the documentation for you.

RE: Card Quantity - the_card_devil - 09-27-2016

Okay good, i'm fine with that.  I just didn't want to be the idiot if I was somehow missing it.  When dealing with ebay and multiple listings that are listed the same, how do you work with that?  I believe they pull listings when the same thing is listed more then once.  Thanks for the help!


RE: Card Quantity - KronoDev - 09-27-2016

Good question once again! You are right about eBay removing duplicates. They do not do it every time but it happens.

To prevent duplicates Kronocard uses the Title of the listing (automatically generated from the card information). If there is already a card with the same title on eBay our software will warn you with a message and you will be able to decide if you want to post the duplicates or not.

I took another look at our documentation about the eBay connector:
The information about the way we prevent duplicates is missing. We will add it soon.

Duplicates are autorized on