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Switching from Fixed to Auction on eBay site
One thing I've noticed is that when an item is listed on eBay as a fixed sale and you "send it to auction" on the eBay site the kronocard program doesn't pick that up that you switched the type of sale.  The card that has been switched will stay as a fixed item on eBay for sale in the kronocard program.  If the card sells the kronocard program doesn't pick up the sale and you have to "ship" the card manually but marking it as not for sale and just leave it as is.  

Not sure if this has been brought up before.  I did it awhile ago and just switched some cards to auction on eBay now by accident remembering afterward that it gets a little screwy when shipping cards if they sell.  

Just wanted to give you a heads up if anyone else was having troubles with this.

Thanks Jay

You are right about that. Kronocard do not monitor changes made on eBay. Changes should be done on Kronocard or else manually handled.