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Kronoscan with a flatbed scanner
I'm super proud that people started to use Kronocard and the scanner’s software Kronoscan. Thanks guys Smile

But, for flatbed scanners it seems we forgot to tell you the basics (our bad)

1) You must leave a space (about 1/8" or 1/4" is enough) between cards and between the borders of the scanner.

Why ? Because Kronoscan uses those spaces to automatically crop and straighten your cards. Furthermore a space around your cards allow potential buyers to see the edges of your cards.
If you do not leave a space then you will have to manually crop your cards which is not fast.

We spend numerous days making sure Kronoscan can crop cards of different colors on different backgrounds colors and I think we succeeded.

Ok, enough with words: here is an example of how to place cards on your scanner:

[Image: scansample1.jpg]

You could try with 9 cards at once but you will loose time making sure there is a space betwwen all cards.

2) You must scan cards of the same size toghether. Do not mix minis with regulars with talls.

Why ? In order to achieve a high detection rate we had to use statistics in our algorithm: the most frequent size wins.

Yes you can scan small cards: just scan them grouped

[Image: scansample2.jpg]

Select USLetter or A4Letter paper size! A bug actually prevents our cropping algorithm to work if selected paper size is small (fixed in release 0.9.14).

Enjoy Smile