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Do your backup of your Kronozio data !!!
It is important to know that we are not responsible of data lost so it's your responsibility to have a backup solution.
Also note that it's impossible for us to reconstruct the data on your computer with the cards you already have in your online store.

Since release 0.9.26 Kronocard comes with an integrated backup. Details here

If you want to use you own backup solution you have to know where the data is saved. Still, read the Backup your data blog entry for details on how to do it safely

If your Windows is installed by default in a C drive you can find it in C:\ProgramData\Kronozio
Ok by default Windows hide that folder... What to do? One easy way is by opening the file explorer
and in the address bar type:  %ProgramData% then press enter.
[Image: explorer_en.png]

In that folder they may have many folders, look for the one named Kronozio.

So to backup everything you have done with Kronocard, you just need to copy that Kronocard folder in a safe place ideally outside your computer.

ATTENTION!!! Don't backup the one in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kronozio there is no important data in the software folder.

If for some reason you can't find the ProgramData folder please contact our support we will help you find it.
Since release 0.9.26 Kronocard comes with an integrated backup. Details
The following information is outdated:

One of our early user JMF Trading Cards
has this clever solution do do his backup:

Quote:Way back in the beginning, I ask you about how to backup the data that is stored on C Drive.
I’ve come up with a simple batch file that perhaps I can share with your users.
In this case, I use a “passport” external 120GB drive.  Once plugged in it sees it as “E” drive.
The Batch file (xxx.bat) is kept on my desktop and it a single line as follow:
xcopy C:\Programdata\Kronozio\*.* e:\kronozio\ /s /d /y
Everything one double click this batch file, it only backup the newer stuff.  I have tried it and work like a charm.
This batch file is only good if and when the External drive picks up as “E” drive in my case.
If a user does a lot of listing, this batch file is very useful as a backup.  The first time it is used, it may take sometime, after that, it is only a matter of seconds.

Thanks Frank   Smile

To be sure you copy the databases without problems one should stop Kronozio Communication Service before the backup and restart it after. Since it is a bit complicated to do for a normal user we will add a functionality to help you to do your backup in the coming weeks.