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Epson DS-510, DS-560 Autofeeder
APRIL 2017 UPDATE: The DS-510 and DS-560 seems to be discontinued. Kronozio is now evaluating its options to find an affordable replacement. Support will continue. For potential buyers: Beware, the DS-510 used to cost about $350 but, with the lack of availability, the price is now way up! Do not buy at those inflated prices.

The Epson DS-510 (and now DS-560 since version 0.9.9) is one of the autofeeder scanner that is supported by Kronocard.

On the pros side it is fast and half the price of the Fujitsu fi-7160 but on the cons side it is less precise with borders and may have a difficult time to grab some cards. This lead to images that are stretched.

One thing you can do is to place your cards in landscape orientation as shown in those pictures:

[Image: epson-510-bad.jpg]
[Image: epson-510-correct.jpg]
It will be easier for the Epson scanner to grab your cards this way.

Please note that with the Fujitsu the portrait mode works better.
I would like to inform you that one of our users Bluehawk3434
bought a DS-560 and did tests with Kronocard :
Works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 but NOT with Windows 10

Also he was not satisfied with the results.

Quote:...they come out not straight and not very clear....So not happy with this scanner so it will be going back...

I must say that it is in line with our own tests: Our Epson DS-510 have problems to pick glossy cards, is prone to stretch images when it is the case and the border arround the cards is not constant.
Follow up. That user is quite computer savy

Quote:Hey Bernard. ...Great News...I got everything working on Windows 10...What i did was wipe my Computer completely clean and started from scratch....I only installed the basic stuff for the Epson Scanner and Kronocard software and it works like a champ....Beautiful Images and Straight Cards....I love it...just giving you a Good ending in my adventure in the scanner Kaos. ...thanks ttyl

I do not expect our user to re-install their OS when they have scanning problems but I read on other forums that problems with Twain scanner drivers are common and difficult to fix... We had other users that had a lot of problems with flatbeds on one computer and everything was perfect on another...
Another user share its experience with an Epson DS-560 and make a good suggestion:

Quote:I have the epson ds-560 and was having some major issues with image stretching. after hours of errors and bad scans. I figured out the landscape over portrait method. Then later that night i saw on the forum that solution. Should have went there first, lol. Everything was working great until I tried a different set of cards. I noticed that some cards get a slight bow in them after years in the box. I was getting 8 errors out of 10 cards. Tried portrait and landscape. Kept cleaning rollers. Went into epson settings and tried all settings. reinstalled epson drivers.It was getting extremely frustrating. Was thinking about sending the scanner back. Then tried scanning with the backs first. It worked perfect. Now the backs are the fronts. Which I guess is not a big issue,but it would be nice to have an option to switch the front and back scans.

We will add the requested feature soon: In Kronoscan, for the autofeeder interface we will add a button to switch fronts and backs.
UPDATE: The user interface of Kronoscan, our scanning software, is now able to switch fronts and backs.

Thanks Matt
Will you be supporting more auto feed scanners in the future?   I have a Canon DR-160 that is a professional scanner.  I would love to use your site but the software picks up the scanner as a flatbed.   Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks.
(01-09-2017, 06:04 PM)brimmbo Wrote: Will you be supporting more auto feed scanners in the future?   I have a Canon DR-160 that is a professional scanner.  I would love to use your site but the software picks up the scanner as a flatbed.   Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks.

Hi brimmbo

Sorry for the late reply.

Adding a autofeeder scanner is a lot of work. First we have to buy the scanner and play with it to see if it works well. But, this is the easy part.
The hard part is that the autofeeder functions we need are not standard Twain functions. Worse, they are undocumented.
We have to use reverse engineering techniques to make them work and that is taking a lot of time. At the moment, we do not have enough ressources to do so.

However you can do this:
Use another software (the one included with your Canon DR-160 ?) and save the cards images front and back at 300 DPI in the forlder of your choice.
Then, use Kronoscan Import photo feature to transfer them to Kronocard.
See details in that blog post:

Selecting the first image to import in "Existing Scans" mode then, pressing the spacebar on your keyboard is a quick way to process your scans.