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Release 0.9.21
Changes in 0.9.21

Photo Import !
individual cards, sets and existing scans Smile No scanner? No problem!

[Image: photophoto.jpg]
  • Import individual cards photos
  • Import photos of set of cards
  • Import existing scans of individual cards
In each mode you have to provide 2 pictures for each card or set.
Pictures to import must be in jpeg format.

[Image: photoset2.jpg]

Other changes
  • Added: Status et card edition in invoice screen
  • Fixed: Bad count of cards on eBay
  • Fixed: In flatbed user interface when the manual cropping is activated and a rotation is done on the other side of a card the image change was not done.
  • Changed: It is no longer possible to ask for documentation of a single cards from the single edition window.