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Release 0.9.23
Significative eBay connector enhancements! You can now create Auction type listings and answer to fixed price listings Best Offers made on eBay from Kronocard. If you actually have to response to many Best Offers you will enjoy the ease and speed provided by Kronocard for that functionality. For details about those two new features please refer to the updated documentation: eBayConnector.pdf.
  • NEW: eBay - Auctions
  • NEW: eBay - Respond to Offers
  • Improved: Titles of messages from Kronozio server
  • Added: eBay - listing fees in messages
  • Fixed: eBay - The price was hidden in search results for items in EBF state.
  • Fixed: eBay - Amount of eBay sales in canadian dollars was invalid in Kronocard.
  • Fixed: eBay - Flag IsPaypal and flag IsPaid were inverted.