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Release 0.9.29
Kronocard version 0.9.29
Now available for download

  • New: Mark invoices as shipped without using the Shipper
  • Bug Fix: Cards sold on eBay were not removed from when marked as shipped from the Shipper
  • New: Default Rating for buyers on is 5 stars so it is now even faster to mark cards as shipped and rate buyers.
  • Bug Fix: Changing the scanners may produce unexpected results if you are using different versions of the Twain protocols (scanner communication).
  • New: now accepts the "Team" field. It is indexed by the search engine. If you intend to use it, then you must install this new Kronocard version.
  • New: The Shipper now automatically combines orders from the same buyer. They will share the same shipping plate number. Printing the packing slip will combine orders too. Invoices are unchanged.

You sold a card on eBay?
Please mark it as shipped in Kronocard so it is removed from
In the Shipping screen we added a button (small truck icon in upper right corner) to mark selected invoices as shipped without using the Shipper. This is quick and convenient. The shipping screen allows you to select many invoices at the same time to mark all their cards as shipped in two clicks.