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eBay Scheduled Listing
Many people ask us for scheduled listings so we did it in upcoming release 0.9.30. It is available for users of paid eBay connector plans (starting at $ 9.95 a month).

[Image: eb_save_sch.png]

The picture above shows a new “clock” icon. Select the rows of the cards you want to schedule and click it. Selected start date will appear in the Start column with a light blue background.

You have to know that the way we did the scheduling is far from perfect. Let me explain why and show you what we did.

The best way to create scheduled eBay listings is to use the build-in eBay solution: simply specify a start date when you create the listing. Alas we cannot do so because as you know eBay listings also exists on and that would need to synchronize both for the future date of the listings.

At the moment we are unable to modify the server code of because we are in the process of a complete restructuring of the look and functionalities of (we hope to create a new version that will blow you away the way Kronocard did).

So for the moment what we did is we changed the code of Kronocard in a way that he will wait for the specified start date before creating the listing. Sound simple? Not so much. Kronocard runs on your computer: if you close it at the time of the listing start then it won’t be able to create the listing. You can still close Kronocard because server communication is handled by a Kronoserv.exe a background task that runs even if Kronocard.exe is closed and even if you are not logged in windows) but your computer must be open.

Ok, let’s say you are okay with that and you plan to leave your computer open at listing time so the listing can be created. What happens if you forgot to open it? Answer: Listings will be created next time you open it if the current time is greater than the listing start time.
Please note that we will fix this and use the eBay built-in feature in the weeks following the launch of the new web site. In Kronocard the visual functionality will be similar.

The next screen shows your schedule choice:

[Image: eb_scheduler.png]

The date can be up to one week in the future and you can add a delay between each listing.

You can see your scheduled listings in the eBay listings screen. You will get a “sch” code after the date in the “eBay Start YMD” column. Once the eBay listing is create that date will be replaced by the real eBay start date of the listing.

[Image: eb_list_sch.png]

You can ask yourself why we did it that way now instead of waiting for the new website to be ready ? Well the new website will not ready before a few months and we need this feature. As you know we eat our own dog food at kronozio and our One Stop Sport Cards store on eBay is doing great mostly just after we create new listings. So instead of adding thousands of listing a few times a month we will try to add hundreds many time a month. We suspect buyers monitor newly added cards and/or eBay favors new listings…