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Release 0.9.32
Changes in 0.9.32:
  • Fixed: Titles of eBay listings: Problem with Rookie and Autograph. Thanks Gary.
Changes in 0.9.31:
  • Fixed: Titles of eBay listings: Missing space after the year for cards with both a product and a set. Thanks Eric.
Changes in 0.9.30:
  • New: Titles of eBay listings. You can now select the order of the fields from the options (big "gear" button). You can also remove fields and decide to use uppercase chars for the title.
  • New: Scheduled listings for eBay. importants restrictions
  • Fixed: "Out of Memory" error with a fi-7160 scanner on some computers. details. Thanks Bruce.
  • Changed: If you use QR Codes when scanning then you must enable that option from Kronocard (big "gear" button)
  • Changed: When scanning: Reduction of the max number of cards per location to 150
  • Fixed: A text longer than 16 characters in Serial Number field would prevent cards from saving. Thanks Paul.