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Multiple card select in Locations Screen
The "Locations Screen" allows you to select more than one card at a time.

To select only one specific card you click on it with the mouse.
If you want to delete or move many carts at the same time use one of those techniques:

1) If the cards are following each other click the first card then press the [Shift] key of your keyboard and click the last card while the [Shift] Key is still down:

[Image: shiftclick.gif]

2) To select specific cards press and maintain the [Ctrl] key of your keyboard down while you click on the cards you want. If you click twice on the same card it will toogle its selection state:

[Image: controlclick.gif]
Well it does not stop there Smile

In that same "Locations" screen pressing your keyboard keys [F5], [F6], [F7] or [F8] rotates the cards!
So if you have multiple cards selected the you will get multiple rotations Smile

[Image: multiplerotate.gif]