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Changes in Previous Releases

Previous release:

Version 0.9.36

SCANNER FIX This version fixes problems with some scanners.

If you do not have a problem with your scanner and are using version 0.9.34 or higher then you do not need to apply the update.
If you have version 0.9.33 or less then upgrade to take advantage of our Promotions and latest enhancements.

Details of the problem and the fix:
  • Twain Library (used to talk to scanners) comes in two flavors: version 1.9 and version 2 protocols. Some computers have only version 1.9 installed, other have only version 2 and other have both.
  • Most scanners can work with both version but some old scanners only work with version 1.9.
  • Autofeeders need version 2 to fully work.
  • Initial releases of Kronocard where using the version 2 by default if it was installed on your computer but, this created problems with some old scanners.
  • We later changed our approach to ask the scanner which version it supports and based on the answer we could switch automatically to version 1.9.
  • However some scanners do not have the same name under each version and that could lead to a "No Scanner" problem.
  • We also suspect that doing so could have caused problems with scanners that were working better with the newer version 2 library even if they where originally released with a version 1.9

What we have done is added a check box "Use old Twain 1.9 protocol" in Kronoscan main window. It will be unchecked by default unless you only have the version 1.9 installed. If you have both versions, you will be able to manually click it. In general you should not have to click it unless you have an old scanner that is not working with version 2.

The Kronozio team would like to thank Lance who gave us the information to find the problem.
Version 0.9.35

Internal version

Version 0.9.34

PROMOTION! Kronozio prepares big promotions for its users by Christmas: Free documentation and more eBay listings. The version 0.9.34 will allow you to take advantage of these promotions which will be announced shortly. All users of version 0.9.34 who will use the software while a promotion is in effect will benefit automatically.

  • New: Kronozio promotions management
  • New: eBay: In advanced eBay settings you can now choose to use "RC" instead of "Rookie" in the titles of your eBay listings. Thanks to Richard
  • Fixed: eBay: Our eBay listings screen could crash if a listed card was deleted. Thanks to Gary.
  • Fixed: eBay: Kronocard was not able to complete a listing correctly if it had been ended from eBay. Thanks to Gary.
The Kronozio team would like to thank Paul for his help with the English translation of our products.
Kronocard version 0.9.37

Now available for download

HELP US TO HELP YOU This release is a step towards our new website.
  • For users with a store, this release of Kronocard sends your activities to our server: Cards scanned, Documentation asked, number of cards sold on eBay and number of cards shipped.
  • Those activities will be shown on our website to make it more dynamic. It will add to a live news feed on our website, your store name, a description of your activity and a link to jump to your store.
  • This feature has been developed for our upcoming new website, but we find it so cool that we added it to our current website. For the moment, only the last five activities are shown, but in the new website each store will have its own activity news feed and users will have access to at least the last 30 activities.
  • We hope that these live activities will show visitors of that it is a dynamic place to buy cards. Next year there are a lot of changes coming to our web site. Our goal is to raise the sales on Help us to help you and install this new Kronocard release. Thanks.
Other changes
  • FIXED: eBay made changes to their category codes for some sports such as Olympics, Soccer and Wrestling. Kronocard was no longer able to create listings on eBay for those sports. Thanks to Greg.
Kronocard version 0.9.40
Now available for download
  • Major Fix!: If a user deletes a card that was to be transmitted to our server, communications were interrupted due to an error. With this patch, communications continue. Thanks to Lance and Tom.
  • Added: Special function allowing partial data recovery from our server in case of local crash. It does NOT recover everything. Please make your backup regulary.
  • Changed: The button to select the destination folder of the backup is now more obvious. The field containing the folder can only be changed with the button. Thanks Mike.
  • Fixed: During our 2016 free eBay listings promotion, our software was trying to communicate with the eBay server for all users. With the fix the communication takes place only if you have defined your eBay identifier.
  • Fixed: Possible error message when double-clicking in the locations (boxes) screen. Fixed? Thanks to Gary.
  • Fixed: Modifying a card on eBay while all the listings in your plan were used was impossible. Fixed. Thanks to Danny.
  • Changed: All Fujistsu scanners which driver name contains the text "PaperStream IP fi-6" will be treated as a fi-6130z. If the text contains "PaperStream IP fi-7" it will be treated as a fi-7160. This MAY allow other fujistu autofeeder scanners to work with our system. However, only the Fujitsu fi-6130z, fi-7160 and Epson DS-510, DS-560 are officially supported. Thanks Gordon.
  • Fixed: Automatic accept best-offer on eBay could prevent successfull listing creation if the minimum best offer price was the same as regular price. Fixed: No best offer allowed if it is not less than the regular price.
  • Added: Booklet sizes in Kronoscan Photo Import module
  • Fixed: If you do not have any listing left in your eBay connector plan you could not modify your listings. Now you can. Thanks to Danny
Kronocard version 0.9.45
Now available for download

  • eBay GTC: NEW! eBay Store owners can now create Good 'Til Cancelled listings. Available for users with a 1000 listings connector plan or more.
  • eBay Europe: NEW! We officily support Spain and Netherland We are looking for testers for eBay.Fr and We are willing to support other countries. Contact us.
  • New: Users with a paid eBay connector Plan can now select the listing duration with the clock button. The scheduled listings was using that button, it now uses a calendar button.
  • New: Kronocard eBay Listings screen enhancements:
    • Filter listings by Site (Any, US, Canada)
    • Filter listings by Duration
    • Sort by modification date, end date or eBay item Id
    • Search by eBay item Id
    • Search in Titles
  • Export your cards data and images: Users of optional module ScanExport can now export their Kronocard Data. See our blog for details.
  • New: eBay connector usage report. See how many listings you created the last 30 days and how many you have available for the next 10 days.
  • Enhanced: Better database file integrity.
  • Fixed: eBay listings on where always linking to Now they link to for listings pushed to US eBay site. Thanks to Ryan.
  • Fixed: Documentation groups stuck in status "CANCELLED" can be removed or resubmited.
  • Soon: We added counter offers on our new website. This release of Kronocard is needed to support it.
  • Fixed: Listing a huge number of cards on eBay would delay other tasks such as downloading orders details.