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Getting Started
1) Create an account on  see Video
Write down your account email and password: you will need them at step 5)

IMPORTANT: Once your account is created goto and enter your address ! This will determine the shipping origin and correctly show the correct shipping and handling costs to your potential buyers.

2) Download Kronocard from

3) Install Kronocard on your computer.  See Video

4) Open Kronocard. Not much to see...    2 buttons in upper left corner and one in lower right corner :

[Image: firstscreen.jpg]

Well, other buttons will show up as needed Smile

5) Click "It's a Go!" button and enter your account email and password... 
There: you already have a new button : [Image: btn_scan.jpg]

6) If you want to try the scanner software now with a flatbed scanner the read this tutorial : 

IMPORTANT: When scanning with a flatbed scanner leave a small space (about 1/4" is enough) between cards and between the scanner scan area border. This space is required to automatically crop and straighten the cards. Kronoscan will also use and keep a space around the cards so your potential buyers can see the card edges.  Details here.

Select USLetter or A4Letter paper size! A bug actually prevents our cropping algorithm to work if selected paper size is small. (fixed in release 0.9.14)

To know more about our flatbed user interface click here

Once you have scanned cards you will get new buttons to manage your cards.

If you have an autofeeder scanner compatible with kronoscan you may want to see this video
If you want to know which autofeeder scanners are compatible with our system click here

IMPORTANT: Never start the scanning process by clicking a "scan button" on your scanner because that will start windows default scanning application instead of Kronoscan. You must initiate the scanning with the "camera" button in Kronoscan software.

7) If you want to define your store then see this Video
There are 6 steps : 
  1. Choose a store name ( your will have your own url)
  2. Select a store banner
  3. Define your shipping rules ( dont forget to enter your address at )
  4. Define which payments  you will accept. Paypal is mandatory
  5. Define your auto answer rules
  6. Define your return policy rules
Once you have completed your store setup you will get new buttons to manage your sales.

If you want to know more about available buttons in Kronocard see : Action Buttons

8) You have to know about the card life cycle in Kronocard 
Kronocard uses the status field to manage the cards life cycle. Here are the possible statuses used by Kronocard:

[Image: status_doc.jpg]
The card is in documenting state. This is the initial status once a card has been scanned. Next possible status are ASK or RDY.

[Image: status_ask.jpg]
User asked Kronozio Documentation Services to document this card. When in this status a card cannot be modified until it returns documented from Kronozio Documentation Services.
[Image: status_rdy.jpg]
Card is documented and thus ready for sale (or auction).

[Image: status_buy.jpg]
Card is on sale in your web store. Buyers can make you offers. While in this status you can modify the card at any time.

[Image: status_auc.jpg]
Card is in auction in your web store. Buyers can bid. While in this status you can modify the card at any time until there is a first bid or there is less than 24 hours left to the auction.

[Image: cart.png]
Card has been bought online, it is in a cart. Once the bill is paid your will have to ship the card. (if unpaid after X days then the card will go back to RDY status). You cannot modify cards in SLD status. (Note. Up to Kronocard v0.9.11 a dollar bill icon was used to represent a SLD card).

[Image: status_shp.jpg]
You have shipped the card: It is no longer in your inventory. You can also use this status if you sold the card offline.

[Image: status_not.jpg]
Whatever the reason : you do not want to sold this card.

Have a look a this  video to learn how to quickly document your cards

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The meaning of buttons in Kronocard:
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