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Tips for sellers
How can I have my cards on the home pages of ?

Kronozio home pages are:

They will be refreshed each day.

As you know each page has many categories. For each category (except featured) we select the most recently added items provided that:
  • They are not already on the page
  • They are not on eBay
By doing this:
  • The more cards you add to the more chances you have to get to the home pages
  • Sellers will see new cards on home pages each day
Why should I enter the card number and the team ?

If you do not specify the card number your cards may get grouped ( stacked) in the results. This is because we group cards with the same title. The card number is part of the title. Here is an example where different 2014 Absolute cards of Devonta Freeman are stacked in the results. Since there is no limit in the number of cards in the stack a buyer could miss your card.

[Image: nocardnumber.jpg]

By specifying the team, your card will show up in search results where the buyer criteria is a team name.
Here are two cards but only the left one will be returned if someone search for "New York Mets":

[Image: teamnoteam.jpg]
Also, please remember that the team name will show in the results and will be clickable.
Why should I enter the first name and the last name of the player?

Our search engine wants to match all word entered in the search field.

Lets say seller #1 enters "Crosby" while seller #2 enters "Sidney Crosby"

Here come mister Buyer. If he search for "Crosby" the he will find cards of the two sellers. However if he search for "Sidney Crosby" the he will only find cards of seller #2

Since on player names are clickable, cards of seller #1 may not appear often.
How can I customize my home page?

From Kronocard you can select your store name, add a description and select a banner (why not rotate them?)
From you can change your categories and add quick links that turns into searches in your onw cards. See details here:
I am a new seller, why my store home page do not contain categories?

On the new web site you need at least 100 cards for sale to get a home page with categories. Until then your cards will only show as search results.
Once you get past 100 wait one day and the next time we resfresh home pages you will get a home page with categories.

The more cards you have the more categories you get: If you have less than 200 cards can define one category. You get one more category when you reach 200 cards, 300 cards, 500 cards, 1000 cards and 2000 cards.
When will I get rid of the "new seller" label ?

Easy: sell one or more card or buy one or more card from anoter kronozio seller.
If you are an established eBay seller and used Kronocard to create listings then contact us: we can transfer a part of your reputation to