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Suggestions (todo list)
We have the chance to have users making a lot of suggestions. Your opinion is important as it drives enhancements to our website.

Here is our todo list for the website.

  1. DONE: Adding cards to the cart without leaving the current page/position
  2. DONE: Favorite sellers
  3. DONE: List of sellers
  4. DONE: Group cards in search results to avoid seeing 30 times the same base card
  5. DONE: Sellers activities
  6. DONE: Show shipping costs upfront
  7. Add support for other items like memorabilia
  8. Add better support for sets
  9. Enhance feedback (top priority)
  10. Enhance shipping options (top priority)
  11. Enhance Buyer/Seller communications (top priority)
  12. French version (top priority)
  13. Add a view counter for items
  14. DONE: Store page customization
  15. Wish List
  16. Popular searches
  17. Past Sales
  18. Show only cards (ie: Show not for sale cards)
  19. PARTIAL: Share on Facebook / Twitter
  20. Show qty of cards on top right cart icon
  21. Rebates and Sales
  22. Break down of search results
  23. Total dollar value of items per store
  24. Enhance 404 page
  25. Transform unsuccessful searches into want list
  26. Make wish list available to sellers
  27. Allow sellers to "feature" some of their cards
  28. Add all individual favorite sellers into the search store dropdown criteria
  29. Email validation fails too often. Add cell phone sms validation
  30. Add Seller's facebook / twitter / eBay links
  31. Set minimum price for allowing offers
  32. Reverse offers
  33. Add search filter for graded card
  34. Make Kronocard "Special" field searchable

I may have forget some. Please tell us what you would like to see and what are your priorities. I will update the list.